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About Aaron Tru

Referred to as a “Master Marketer” by ESPN’s Jay Crawford, Aaron Tru is an “on-camera” MMA personality and marketing consultant who holds a bachelors degree in Communication Studies and a minor in Business Entrepreneurship.  Tru gained international fame for engaging in one of the most extreme marketing stunts ever when he planned to be attacked and choked unconscious by a female MMA championship fighter, Chris “Cyborg” Santos.  After millions of views, Mr. Tru has been seen on ESPN, The O’Reilly Factor, The Best Damn Sports Show, multiple shows in Japan and Europe, and has even been featured on the front page of, making the “choke out” video an iconic cult classic.  Additionally, Tru has been featured in MMA Worldwide Magazine and has appeared as a guest on several radio shows.  Tru has covered over 100 MMA events including UFC, StrikeForce, Elite XC, and Affliction, and several other promotions.  Before dedicating his professional career to production work, Tru was a Corporate Business Consultant.  Aaron Tru was a Nominee for 2010 Mixed Martial Arts Journalist of the Year.

I have produced videos and shot photos for

live events, live sporting events, documentaries, corporate
commercials, infomercials, low budget television shows and more...

 I am outgoing, have great communication skills, understand the importance of
meeting deadlines and have an extremely diligent work ethic; probably
because I absolutely love creating and producing video/photo content

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